Text 24 Apr

likes the old NFL draft format better. I don’t like it starting during primetime. I prefer Saturdays, it’s a nice break to wake up to the draft during the off-season instead of to the History channel which is my usual off-season Sat routine.

Link 23 Apr http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/education/os-bright-futures-financial-aid-20100422,0,1459063.story»

·         I championed and fought to save Bright Futures as student body president. I think some changes are needed for the vitality of the state. However, the bill needs some changes. First, I do not think they should make students fill out the FAFSA to get the scholarship. That’s big government bureaucracy at its finest. I cannot tell you how many financial aid complaints reached my desk because of the FAFSA and processing. It’s inefficient and unnecessary for those who are not applying for other financial aid. Second, all current college students, and juniors and seniors in high school should be grandfathered in. It is not fair to punish them for lack of planning by the legislature. They’ve made their college decisions and should not be penalized. Third, only offering 4 years of the scholarship would hurt students in programs that are not optimized to get students out in 4 years. Many college programs do not run smoothly enough, offer enough classes, etc, to get student out in 4 years. 5 should be the minimum.ege decisions and thus should not be penalized. Second, I DO NOT think student should be required to apply for the award through the FAFSA. Thats big government at its best. Extra beaucracy. Second, only having 4 years of the scholarship is too idealistic. Florida colleges aren’t fully prepared to get students out in 4 years. Thats not fair to students to put unrealistic expectations on them when the system doesn’t run smoothly enough to ensure they can all get done in 4. 5 years should be the minimum.

Text 22 Apr

is talking to the Director of Communications from Coca Cola and Dr. Alan Freitag via Skype video with my class

Text 21 Apr Crush It

Just finished reading Crush It today and hands down recommend it over other social media books like Groundswell. I found Groundswell too basic for people who have grown up in the tech era and follow new technologies but Crush It belts it out of the park. Practical advice that you can use on your own or modify for use at your work.

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